Make-up and Hair Tips

  • Freshly washed and well styled hair will look best in your portrait.
  • Bring a brush or comb with you.
  • Bring your make-up kit with you, especially powder to reduce shine on your face.
  • Professional make-up is often a good idea, but is by no means necessary.
  • If you apply your own make-up, apply a little more than usual. Studio lights lessen the effect of make-up.
  • Please refer to suggested number of outfits in the type of session you are booking. You will also have the opportunity to change your hair style if you wish when you change outfits.

What to Wear

  • Solid colors Nothing detracts from a subject more than clothes covered in busy patterns. Stripes can also be distracting. Remember that during a portrait session, the emphasis should be on the face. Solid colors that work well with your skin tone, hair and eyes are always your best choice.
  • Layers - Layers work to give a well put together look in an outfit. However, extra bulk and fussy details will not be slimming. A T-shirt under a jacket works if the T-shirt is not see-through or too tight. A collared shirt or blouse under a simple jacket is always a good look. Aim for form-fitting outfits.
  • Button down shirts and blousesIt’s really important that buttons do not gape and that you not self-conscious about possible gaping. Button down tops with collars are great for portraits when they fit well.
  • Sleeves Be aware of whether you like your arms enough to show them in portraits. Sleeveless tops look great with toned arms. Short, or three quarter length sleeves will cut the line of your arm, and sometimes that works, but in a group portrait it may not. Long sleeves are always a safe bet.
  • JewelryDepending on the type of portrait, jewelry can enhance or distract from the portrait. Large watches often distract. Remember to bring your jewelry of choice and we can try out different looks.
  • Think classic - These photos will be treasured for years to come. By choosing simple, classic clothes you will help give your images a timeless feel.

Tips by Portrait Type

  • Newborn BabiesPhotos without clothes are often best with new borns. Shawls, blankets, caps, hats, baskets and other props will be provided, but feel free to bring any items you wish to have photographed on or with your baby. Please loosen the waist tabs on the baby’s diaper two hours before the shoot appointment time to allow the diaper marks to be erased from the skin.
  • Family and Group PortraitsCoordinate your color and style choices. Colors need not be the same, but they should all go together. Whether you choose casual, formal, colorful, neutral, or seasonal, make sure the group matches well. Many group shots are best without shoes, so please come prepared to be bare footed in the studio.
  • Professional Headshots - Keep in mind the business you are in. In almost all types of work, a jacket is appropriate. However, if you do not wish to appear formal, choose an appropriate shirt or blouse.
  • Professional Headshots for Men - A well structured, button down shirt with or without a tie, under a jacket is best. A plain, light colored shirt, under a plain, dark jacket always works well. 
  • Professional Headshots for Women A plain T-shirt under a simple jacket allows the focus to be on your face. If you wear a collared blouse under a jacket, the jacket should ideally not have a collar as well. Sweaters are not recommended, but a button down cardigan over a T-shirt or blouse is a more casual, but still professional look. Color choices for women’s business headshots are broad. Navy and white, or black and white will look more formal. Less jewelry will also look more formal, as will a tidy, possibly tied back hairstyle. Wearing red will convey a message about assertiveness, and pale colors will have a neutral effect on the portrait viewer. Most importantly, your color choices should coordinate and work well with your complexion and hair.